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Amazon Customer Service

For questions or help with your Amazon account, contact Amazon Customer Service

Bungie Store Customer Service

For questions or inquiry into an order placed on the Bungie Store, contact Bungie Customer Service.

Normal Hours of Operation:

9AM - 5PM PST/PDT, Mon - Friday, excluding national holidays (and Bungie Day).

Holiday Hours of Operation:

Customer Service operation will be limited to 3 days a week around extended holidays and/or when Bungie is closed for an extended period of time. Usually, that happen on the 4th week of November and the last two weeks of December. Check back for exact hours of service if you have a question during that time.

Bungie Webmaster

Contact the Bungie Webmaster for questions and comments about this site, or to open yourself up to ridicule in the next "Letters to the Webmaster." Web Team

To report bugs or problems with the site, please send an email to

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